BlueWater is Your Trusted Partner in Regulatory Guidance, Business Consultancy, and Government Relations

At BlueWater Strategies, we empower businesses through strategic advice, navigating the intricacies of Washington's executive, regulatory, and legislative landscapes. Leveraging our team's deep relationships across Congress and the Administration, along with our extensive industry experience, we create robust pathways to success for our clients, delivering insights and results that navigate complex policy environments and drive meaningful impact.

Energy and Hydrocarbons

From nuclear, oil, gas, petrochemicals, geothermal, hydrogen, hydropower, and electric utility companies to innovative startups with cutting-edge technologies, we have advised a spectrum of energy clients. Drawing on decades of industry and governmental experience, we foster relationships with key policymakers and leverage our insight into the executive branch, federal regulatory processes, and congressional legislation.

Natural Resources

We have worked with a diverse range of entities including mining, timber, conservation, and agricultural interests, guiding them through the intricacies of federal regulation, congressional legislation, and executive branch policies. Using our established relationships with key decision-makers, we help these clients navigate policy landscapes effectively and efficiently, leveraging our industry knowledge and political acumen to deliver solutions that align with their strategic goals.

Recreation and Conservation

We collaborate with lawmakers to secure critical funding for conservation initiatives, enhance public access to recreational spaces, and drive forward environmental stewardship programs. Our efforts are dedicated to influencing legislation that protects wildlife, optimizes land use, and develops eco-friendly infrastructure within our parks and recreation areas.


We support the water districts across the United States, recognizing their indispensable role in the nation's economy and public health. We advocate for sustained investment in our water infrastructure to address critical challenges such as aging facilities, climate change impacts, and increasing water scarcity. It is imperative that we secure adequate funding and legislative backing to enable these districts to maintain and enhance their systems.

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